Does my partner have to come to classes with me? What if I don’t have a partner?

I understand that circumstances will sometimes not allow your partner to attend. However, please try to have SOMEONE come with you—a friend, your parent, or family member. Support is important during birth. Of course, you are always welcome to come, even if you can’t have someone with you.

Do I need to bring anything to classes?

Just you and your partner! Any supplies for pain coping mechanisms, birth art, or other interactive activities will be provided by me. If anything additional is ever needed, I will let you know during the class before as well as via email.

We’re doing birth art?!

Yes! Messages often come from within you as you create an image on paper—it can be revealing and healing. It does not have to be pretty or planned. It is supposed to be honest and spontaneous. You will not have to share it if you don’t want to. Approach it how you might like to approach life—let’s see what I can do! “Your art, like your labor, doesn’t have to be perfect. Just give it your best effort.” – Birthing From Within by Pam England

What happens if I miss a class? Can I come late or leave early?

Classes are largely based on group discussion and the needs of the parents, not by a scheduled outline or notes. If you miss a class, it is difficult to recreate the information that has been missed. I can send some notes on the topics covered, but I am also happy to schedule a private class to make up the information you missed (at an extra fee). If you are late or leave early, just know that you will be missing some information.

Do you have materials we can borrow?

Yes! I have a wonderful (and constantly growing) lending library. In addition to the books, DVDs, and CDs, I also have many types and brands of babywearing carriers you can check out and a few styles of cloth diapers to look at.

How can I contact you?

Check out my contact page to fill out the form, give me a call (or text), or send me an email. I’m pretty chatty on Facebook, too!



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